Markston Sports Laser Tag Games -  a new direction

Markston Sports outdoor products are a real laser tag experience, designed to be different from the many Laser skirmish products out there today. The Markstson range of products delivers a "Counter Strike" style of operations and feedback experience to create a new style of outdoor laser tag. We believe we have succeeded. With 27 years of operating experience, P&C Micros and it's subsiduaries are not only the oldest, but by far the largest supplier in the world today.  Read what one experienced operator said after his first game:

“ And what a success. Never seen so excited players in my 24 years of paintball and lasertag business. The feedback really makes the difference, knowing you hit your opponent and taking him out of the game.

 Below is a picture of that group.  Read on and you will see the difference that Markston Sports is bringing to outdoor laser tag fields.  Read more and you will see there is a game changer in the wings that Markston Sports believes will change the whole perception of where everyone thought Outdoor laser tag could go.  The Markston Sports' Command and Control Centre due out Q4/ 2012.

MS4 Group Photo