Accessories Supplied

Another difference is the way we sell the MS4 product line. Here at Markston Sports we try to include everything in a kit for you. When comparing prices you need to look at apples for apples.  When buying a gun from a competitor, you get a gun!  Not at Markston Sports, we add the works. 


MS4 Gun packages includes Control Station includes 
Padded Carry Bag Advanced Hand Held Controller
SM4-SM with world first True colour Sight  Medic Key Fobs
SM4-SN1 with 3 x 30 scope and IR filter  Referee Key Fobs
Carry Strap Multi-Mission Package   of Software
Lithium Battery Tool Kit
Charging System style depending on order  Spare Kit
Spare On/Off Keys Charger
Radio Inbuilt  12V Battery
Boot Loader for over radio reprogramming   
Sensor with hat or helmet  


Sniper Rifle with Carrying CaseMS4 Carrying Case