The most basic component optics must be exactly right to acheive optimum performance.  After all, outdoor tag is about the transmission and capture of light. If you cannot do that right, there is no point in anything else.  

Markston Sports MS4 achieves unequaled distance and accuracy in IR transmission for the size and weight of its guns, "up to" 80m 250 ft in full daylight and "up to" 120m (370 feet) in shade. FOR A 26mm lens. Our operational ratings are far more conservative, and is achieved using three specific components. The Sniper with is Laser IR and more powerful IR diode acheive 200M+ or 630ft+

1.  Our design 26mm lens to fine tune and direct the IR over long distances. Most companies would use a bulky 40mm wide lens to accomplish the same result.

2.  The light refracting sensor covers that scatter and disperse the IR across the target sensors for better IR detection. Our light refracting plastics have a 270° tag zones. When you compare this to our competitors, there is no comparison.

3.  Our own design IR filters that cut out a large spectrum of light, leaving the right spectrum IR only to contact the sensor. We don't use IR domes, we filter the senors themselves. 

Check out the video and you will see how Markston's design team works to deliver the right technology for the market.


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