Markston Sports Command and Control Centre

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The MS4 Commander System is a hardware and software package that provides a computer game like-experience. It allows a Team Commander to view the location and status of all Team members via a graphical interface where player data is overlaid on a terrain map photo.

For the first time, a company has brought real-time scenario based PC style CS game play into real life laser tag. Here at Markston Sports we believe it’s a real game changer. An innovation first for this wonderful industry and we are proud to be the company developing and delivering this to the market in 2012. We have taken out a provisional patent due to the significant number of innovative novelties of the design.   

As always we will find that it will not please everyone and it’s not for the diehard mil sim activists.  While we do sell into this field, it is not our target market today.  


Let your imagination run wild and let’s ask what if :

There is a battle field?
A satellite map with player cards around the side?
Two teams as expected?
Each team is has an appointed commander ( the general )?
Every player has a GPS and radio system in their equipment?
The commander and spectators have two large screens to view?
Live scoring and data and the GPS mapped out operations screen?
And he operates one large touch screen for operations?

The commander can see only his team on the screen while the players show up with live stats, lives, ammunitions movement, direction facing and traveling, ammunition dumps, placed mines and much more. 
You have at your disposal:

Radio communications ( locked to your team only )
Text messages for silent coms to players screens
Full GPS control of movement
Access to virtual air strikes , artillery , mines and more
Even satellite fly-over to get a glimpse of the opposing teams locations
But you only have $2 million dollars to spend and everything you do
costs money, from re-spawns to messaging to bombs dropped!

Its definitely different and it is Markston Sports Command Control Centre

Let a new style of game play begin!