Increase Your Market ?

Outdoor Laser Tag: just a Man’s sport? No way.

Indoor laser tag started as man’s sport and it took P&C Micros to change that perception with equipment deigned specifically to fit women and suit younger players. Now they have done it again with the Markston Sports range without sacrificing the desired styles needed for success. Markston Sports still looks the part.

 Guns made primarily of metal weigh in at only 1.5 KG.  No more lugging around 5KG + behemoths that are lucky to match the range and definitely not the features of Markstons. Give them a choice of caps with removable head liner, or breathable helmets to improve the hygiene and you will understand why at Markston Sports, we don’t limit your potential, we increase your market base.

Sniper RifleGroup of Markston Sports Players