About Us

Why Markston Sports ?

Markston Sports is the outdoor gaming department of the P&C Micros Group of companies. While only a couple of years old, Markston Sports has been allocated its' own design teams and budgets to deliver the highest quality products in the markets it enters. And as you will see from many of our pictures there is a Chinese influence. Read more and you wil understand why.  

Target market focus is what Markston Sports is about.  In the design phase we did not choose to copy existing products or operation styles. We started from scratch to build a light weight, robust and realistic set of equipment, targeting comfort for women and youth markets. Our target niech is for groups, holiday camps and paint ball fields that want to increase their customer base and hence their revenue. 

Increasing awareness of Outdoor Laser Tag (not skirmish) as a sport is of special interest to us and will do this, we hope, with the Command Control Center GPS aware systems. We do not expect to be an over night sucess but Markston Sports is in here for the long haul.

“ There may be many battles but it is the war that must be won.” - Patton

P&C Micros itself is based in Melbourne, Australia and was formed in 1989 as the Sales and Development arm of Patrick Holmes' startup company "AE" formed May 1998. Now with a manufacturing company in Nantong, China where part of the design team (hardware and software) exists, these companies are not only the oldest operators in the business but the largest supplier of laser tag equipment in the word bar none.

Distribution of Markston Sports products is available via P&C Micro’s existing distribution channels www.zoneempire.com however as this is an all new field set of products  we are seeking more and new styles of distribution channels, especially from the paint ball area. If you feel you have what it takes, contact us here