MS4 - SM

 At Markston Sports we packed an enormous amount into a light weight metal body. The advanced electronics and optical package  makes the MS4 probably the most potent outdoor laser tag gun in its class. With range and sensitivity greater than many larger guns in full sunlight and with the Markston array of feedback systems it is a dream to play and use for operators and customers alike. 

MS4 Dimensions:

Weight: 1.50Kg Length: 480mm ,Width: 40mm ,Height: 255mm (with Scope) 

  • World first true colour illuminated sight
  • Range bright sunlight 60m to 70m
  • Range shaded are 100m+   
  • Graphical LCD that faces you
  • Vibrates in the palm of your hand 
  • Menu systems for advanced games and options
  • Lens 26mm with one IR diode
  • 4 Hit zones    
  • MP3 Sound sets , realistic and  sci-fi
  • Water resistant electronic module that snaps in place for service
  • Optional GPS, Compass and messaging systems

 Many of these features are detailed on our other pages, read on, and you will begin to understand that the MS4 range of products are way ahead of the competition in quality, features and most importantly the direction of this industry.

MS4 in ActionMS4 in Action