Special Offer

Dear new customers,

We are after demonstration sites in various countries and for that, you can save a huge 30% on the initial equipment and get free software upgrades! Just supply your own PC’s, screens and the extra bits needed to make the system work.

  • Real time 1080P HD scoreboard showing blow for blow play  Ready NOW
  • CCC software free with plug in GPS modules 30% off as well.. Expected Q1 2013
  • Booking software expected Q2 2013
  • Online Membership software expected Q2 2013  


Once a Markston Sports demonstration site, what does it require of you ?

  • Allow potential buyers  to come and play
  • Provide ( paid for)  training in operations
  • Assist production of Training videos   
  • Provide photo of operations
  • Allow us to profile you on the Web and in Videos
  • Get a 10% commission on all customers you personally bring to Markston Sports.

So If you want to be selected, you need to own either a laser tag or paintball field.

Want to be part of the next generations equipment ..  Just fill out the form here and a rep will contact you.